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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fr. Bramlage and Fr. Wilder Need Our Prayers

Hello Everyone,

As you probably know Fr. Bramlage is in Uganda now.

I received an email from Fr. Bramlage and he and
Fr. Wilder have been invited to do a Healing Service
for the charismatic renewal this Saturday at their
conference center from 9am to 1pm. There could be
over 1000 people there. Please pray especially on
Friday for this intention because they are 8 hours
ahead of us here.

Here is part of Father's email:

"So please ask the people to pray for God's will
to be done on Saturday and that many people will
come to the Lord in a new and deeper way. We
definitely need prayers because we are in some what
of a pagan, witchcraft territory and I'm sure they
will be praying against us. God bless all of my
dear friends at St. Nicholas."

FYI: The November 13th Evangelization conference
with father Tom Forrest location has been moved
from East Central High School to St. Nicholas
Church with the meal being served in the hall.

Please send in your registrations soon by Nov.3rd
if you would like the lunch.

God bless!

Liz Lattire

1 comment:

  1. Fr. Bramlage is a brave man. Prayers are the least we can do.