"Preach the Gospel at all times, and when necessary, use words."

A special "Thank you!"
Goes out to
John Michael Talbot
for giving us permission
to use his song on our
"Come to the Quiet"
You Tube Video
_______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________

Saturday, July 31, 2010

I Have Just Come From Spending A Week In My Cell

Dark Night of the Soul
Saint John of the Cross

On a darkened night,
Anxious, by love inflamed,
-- O happy chance! --
Unnoticed, I took flight,
My house at last at peace and quiet.

Safe, disguised by the night,
By the secret ladder I took flight,
-- O happy chance! --
Cloaked by darkness, I scaled the height,
My house at last at peace and quiet.

On that blessed night,
In secret, and seen by none,
None in sight,
I saw with no other guide or light,
But the one burning in my heart bright.

This guide, this light,
Brighter than the midday sun,
Led me to the waiting One
I knew so well -- my delight!
To a place with none in sight.

O night! O guide!
O night more loving than the dawn!
O night that joined
The lover with the Beloved;
Transformed, the lover into the Beloved drawn!

Upon my flowered breast,
For him alone kept fair,
There he slept
There I caressed,
There the cedars gave us air.

I drank the turret's cool air
Spreading playfully his hair.
And his hand, so serene,
Cut my throat. Drained
Of senses, I dropped unaware.

Lost to myself and yet remaining,
Inclined so only the Beloved I spy.
All has ceased, all rests,
Even my cares, even I;
Lost among the lilies, there I die.


Friday, July 23, 2010

Ozark, Ohio - Begging For Stones!

Catholics in Monroe County, Ohio are being asked to collect all their field stones and drop them off at the Immaculate Conception Catholic Cemetery on Ozark-Eddy Bridge Road so that we can duplicate this Portiuncula Chapel located at the Franciscan University of Steubenville

Francis set to begging for stones with which to restore the church of San Damiano. He called to the passers-by: "Whoever gives me one stone will have one reward; two stones, two rewards; three stones, a treble reward!"

Saint Francis of Assisi
Legend of the Three Companions

Please note : We are begging our Catholic brothers and sisters in Monroe County, Ohio to round up all their field stones and dump them into the woods next to the Immaculate Conception Cemetery on Ozark-Eddy Bridge Road (in the direction of the large white house towards Woodsfield). These stones will be used to erect the Portiuncula Chapel.


Hidden In The Wounds Of The Savior

Saint Francis made himself insensible to all external noise, and, bridling his external senses with all his strength and repressing the movements of his nature, he occupied himself with God alone....With fruitful devotion he frequented only heavenly dwellings, and he who had totally emptied himself remained so much the longer hidden in the wounds of the Savior.

Saint Francis of Assisi
Celano, First Life


Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Gift Of Tears

In his present state of weakness, man is incapable of imitating the crucified Lamb of God perfectly and avoiding all the stains of sin. And so Francis taught his friars by his own example that those who are trying to be perfect must cleanse themselves daily with tears of contrition. He had attained extraordinary purity of soul and body, yet he never ceased from purifying his spiritual vision with floods of tears...

Saint Francis of Assisi
Bonaventure, Major Life


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mystic Monk Coffee: Order Through The Portiuncula And Donate To Birthright (a loving alternative to Abortion)

"Guess who hasn't had their cup of Mystic Monk Coffee yet this morning!"

Fra Chris

The Carmelite Monks of Wyoming

Mystic Monk Coffee is roasted by the Carmelite Monks, a Roman Catholic monastery in the silence and solitude of the Rocky Mountains of northern Wyoming. The monks live a hidden life of prayer and contemplation in the pursuit of God. The monastery is inundated with young men who seek to leave everything to pray for the world, in a tradition at least a thousand years old. It is the monks’ great joy and privilege to share the fruit of their life with you in every cup of Mystic Monk Coffee.

The Monk Master Roaster

Br. Java is the master roaster who meticulously roasts beans in small batches. His philosophy is that each roast must be not only the labor of his hands, but a master roast of the highest quality. Br. Java is passionate about obtaining the perfect roasts for you. He carefully roasts only the finest gourmet beans under conditions that will make each roast consistent and smooth with a taste that will make your taste buds tingle. With experience and perfection, Mystic Monk Coffee is a coffee to savor and enjoy – with or without cream.

The Legend of the First Mystic Monk

Coffee is a product perfected and loved by monks from its beginning. When a monk of old heard the anguished tale of a shepherd who had sleepless goats, he himself discovered growing on shrubs the berries, which had such a wonderful affect. Delighted at his find, the ingenious monk boiled the beans in water and drank the resulting coffee. He found in his discovery a hot drink that could keep his eyes awake even amidst the midnight vigils and unceasing prayers of the monastic life.

The secret of coffee continues to keep monks ever alert and vigilant for their prayers, but now Mystic Monk Coffee shares the hidden, master roasts of monks with all who seek a delightful cup of coffee.

Monks are passionate Perfectionists

The monastic life is one of ordered perfection, which you will taste in every bag of Mystic Monk Coffee. Passionate about perfection, no challenge is too great for Br. Java and the monks, if it will result in a Mystic Monk brew suited for the most discriminating coffee drinker. The Carmelite monks have mastered the ancient art of roasting coffee, laboring with steadfast determination to make each cup of coffee simply superb. Taste the monastic perfection in each brew, which makes all the difference.

Please remember that when you buy Mystic Monk Coffee through the Portiuncula Hermitage, ten percent of all their commission sales is donated to Birthright (a loving alternative to abortion.)

Please remember to keep our pre-born in your daily prayers!

To order direct, simply click on the Mystic Monk Coffee Icon on the Top of this page:


Go, Repair My House!

Changed now perfectly in heart and soon to be changed in body too, he (St. Francis) was walking one day near the church of St. Damian, which had nearly fallen to ruin and was abandoned by everyone. Led by the Spirit, he went in and fell down before the crucifix in devout and humble supplication; and smitten by unusual visitations, he found himself other than he had been when he entered. While he was thus affected, something unheard of before happened to him: the image of Christ crucified moved its lips and spoke. Calling him by name it said: "Francis, go, repair my house, which, as you see, is falling completely to ruin."

Saint Francis of Assisi
Celano, Second Life


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Sack Full Of Manure

Thus one time it happened that while Brother Bernard of Quintavalle was attending Mass in a church and his whole mind was on God, he became so absorbed and rapt in contemplation that during the Elevation of the Body of Christ he was not at all aware of it and did not kneel down when the others knelt, and he did not draw his cowl back as did the others who were there, but he stayed motionless, without blinking his eyes, gazing straight ahead, from morning until none.

But after none he came back to himself and went through the Place shouting in a voice filled with wonder: "Oh, Brothers! Oh, Brothers! Oh, Brothers! There is no man in all this country, no matter how great and noble he is, who, if he were promised a very beautiful palace of gold, would not willingly carry a sack full of the most filthy manure in order to obtain that very noble treasure!"

Saint Francis of Assisi
Little Flowers of St. Francis - 28


Against Calumny And Arguing

And all the brothers are to guard against speaking falsely of anyone and are to avoid verbal disputes. Rather, let them seek to keep silent whenever God gives them the grace to do so. And they are not to argue among themselves, nor with others, but they are to strive to respond with humility, saying, "We are useless servants" (Luke 17:10).

Saint Francis of Assisi
Rule of 1221


Monday, July 19, 2010

The Impenetrable Darkness That Leads To Union

St. John of the Cross

What joy! The soul has emerged victorious from the tribulations of the night of sensory purification. She has risen above the state of the beginner and entered the state of the adept. God may not immediately move her into the night of the spirit, now. Instead, the soul may spend years cultivating mastery before she is ready to face the impenetrable darkness that leads to union.

Saint John of the Cross
Dark Night of the Soul


A Mind Free To Fly To The Greatest Heights

It should not appear strange to anyone that the prophet of our time should stand forth with such privileges; in fact, freed from the darkness of earthly things and having brought into subjection the pleasures of the flesh, his mind was free to fly to the greatest heights and pure enough to enter into the light.

Saint Francis of Assisi
Celano, Second Life


Sunday, July 18, 2010

Ascending And Descending Jacob's Ladder

St. Francis never failed to keep himself occupied doing good; like the angels Jacob saw on the ladder (Genesis 28:12), he was always busy, either raising his heart to God in prayer, or descending to his neighbor. He had learned how to distribute the time in which he could gain merit wisely, devoting part of it to his neighbor by doing good, and part to the restful ecstasy of contemplation.

Saint Francis of Assisi
Bonaventure, Major Life


Saturday, July 17, 2010

Looking At The Speck In Our Brother's Eye

Those who are preoccupied only with knowing and pointing out the way of salvation to others, and neglect their own, will arrive naked and empty-handed before Christ's judgment seat. They will bring with them nothing but bundles of shame, disappointment, and bitterness. Then shall the truth of holy humility, which is our vocation, be proclaimed, exalted, and glorified. For those who were puffed up with learning prejudiced this truth by their own lives and by their empty words. They said this truth was falsehood and they cruelly persecuted, as if they were blind, those who were really walking in the truth of holy humility.

St. Francis of Assisi
Mirror of Perfection - 72


If You Are Too Busy To Pray, Then You're Too Busy!

We need to be especially alert to the evil subtlety of Satan. His one desire is to keep people from having a mind and heart disposed to their Lord and God.

He circles, lusting to snatch the human heart by ruse of some gain or assistance and to stifle remembrance of the word and precepts of the Lord.

He wants to extinguish the light of the human heart, and so he moves in by means of worldly busyness and worry.

St. Francis of Assisi
Rule of 1221


Friday, July 16, 2010

Rejoice When You Are Considered Low And Simple And Despised

Blessed are you, servant of God, if you do not consider yourself any better when you are honored and extolled by others than when you are considered low and simple and despised; for what you are before God, that is what you are, and no more.

St. Francis of Assisi
The Admonitions
Admonition 19


"Come To The Quiet" At The Portiuncula Hermitage

Become a Monastic

without having to leave your

Day Job!

Dr. Tom Ringenberg during personal prayer time at the
Portiuncula Hermitage in Jerusalem, Ohio

Dear Christian Brothers,

Having just experienced one of the most peaceful and fulfilling weekends of my Christian life, I feel led to write you and encourage you to take a fresh breath of the clean air at the Portiuncula Retreat in Jerusalem Ohio. Surrounded by the beauty of God’s creation in the hills of Appalachia, I was refreshed in God’s peace.

The initial reaction to a weekend of silence, fasting and prayer was mixed as I revel in the world’s flash of media and the madness of twenty-four hour news. I feared boredom and the lack of external stimulus. But God is good, and He provided plenty for me. Walks in the woods and fields, silent prayer and meditation, communal prayer with my Brothers in Christ, prayers of intercession, and theological discussion on the travel to and from Jerusalem, stimulated my spirit far more than my flesh has ever been stimulated.

It is my hope that Portiuncula will become a haven for those who need a fresh touch of God. I will return soon to restore my soul with peace. Join me in supporting the Portiuncula project by attending a retreat weekend of fasting, prayer, brotherhood and silence in the Franciscan Tradition.

Yours In Christ,

Dr. Tom Ringenberg
Centerville, IN

Pond at Portiuncula Hermitage in Jerusalem, Ohio

July 9-11
July 16-18
August 13-15
August 20-22
August 27-29
September 17-19
September 24-26


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Begging For Stones in Jerusalem, Ohio

Monroe County, Ohio Catholics are being asked to collect all their field stones and drop them off at the Immaculate Conception Catholic Cemetery on Ozark-Eddy Bridge Road so that we can duplicate this Portiuncula Chapel located at the Franciscan University of Steubenville

Francis set to begging for stones with which to restore the church of San Damiano. He called to the passers-by: "Whoever gives me one stone will have one reward; two stones, two rewards; three stones, a treble reward!"

Saint Francis of Assisi
Legend of the Three Companions

Please round up all your field stones and dump them into the woods next to the Immaculate Conception Cemetery on Ozark-Eddy Bridge Road in the direction of the Portiuncula Hermitage, the white house towards Woodsfield (pictured below). These stones will be used to build the Portiuncula Chapel.



Contemplation Is A Divine Fire

Several herds of Whitetail Deer live with us on the
Portiuncula Franciscan Hermitage and Retreat Center in
Jerusalem, Ohio

Then Brother Giles said to a certain friar, "Father, I would fain know what is contemplation?" And the friar answered: "Father, truly I know not." Then Brother Giles said: "To me it seems that contemplation is a divine fire, a sweet devotion infused by the Holy Ghost, a rapture and suspension of the mind inebriated by the unspeakable savor of divine sweetness, and a sweet and tranquil enjoyment of the soul which is rapt and suspended in loving admiration of the glories of heaven, and an inward burning consciousness of that celestial and unspeakable glory."

Saint Francis of Assisi
Part Four
Chapter XI


When You See A Beggar You Are Looking At An Image Of Christ

A friar once brusquely refused a beggar who had asked for an alms at an awkward moment. When Francis heard about it, he made the friar take off his habit in his love for the poor, and cast himself at the feet of the beggar, confessing his fault and begging his prayers and forgiveness. The friar obeyed humbly and Francis remarked gently, "My dear brother, when you see a beggar, you are looking at an image of our Lord and his poor Mother. When you see a sick person, remember the infirmities he bore for us."

Saint Francis of Assisi
Bonaventure, Major Life


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Living The Life Of Gospel Perfection

St. Francis resolved to live the holy gospel to the letter and strove to apply it to his life at all times. For example, when the brother cook wanted to serve them vegetables, he forbade him to soak them in hot water the night before, as is the custom, in order to implement the gospel saying: "Do not worry about tomorrow." And the brother waited until the end of Matins to begin soaking the vegetables in water.

Saint Francis of Assisi
Legend of Perugia - 4


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Vineyard At Rieti

Rieti, Italy

Blessed Francis was staying near the church of St. Fabian in Rieti. A number of cardinals, accompanied by clerics, almost daily visited the saint out of respect and devotion.The church had a small vineyard and since the church had but one door, all those who came to visit passed through that one door, trampling the vineyard under foot. The priest was scandalized and disturbed: "This year," he said, "my vintage is lost. The vineyard is small but every year I harvest enough grapes for my needs."

St. Francis said to the priest: "Stop being disturbed and scandalized: nothing can be done about it. Place your trust in the Lord, because through me, his poor servant, he can repair the damage..."

The priest usually harvested thirteen loads of wine, but that year he harvested twenty from his destroyed vineyard.

Saint Francis of Assisi
Legend of Perugia - 25


Poor And Despised

God, the supreme Teacher, usually reveals his mysteries to the simple, to those who are poor and despised.

Saint Francis of Assisi
Bonaventure, Major Life


Monday, July 12, 2010

Welcome To The Portiuncula Healing Ministry

"Only say the word Lord, and I shall be healed"

We are a

Franciscan Prayer Ministry

located in Jerusalem, Ohio.

Through prayer and Adoration before our Eucharistic Lord, we seek His awesome power, grace, and mercy, to bring His divine healing and peace into your life.

Simply e-mail your Prayer Requests to:

We encourage you to participate in our

Healing Services and Retreats

Thank you for visiting.

Pax Et Bonum!


Damian Stayne Healing Services Coming To St. Leon, Indiana

Damian Stayne, presenter of the "Word Power" Conference and hosted by Fr.
Gregory Bramlage to be held on August 7 & 8 at East Central High School will be
hosted on two radio programs this Wednesday, July 14. Please tune in to hear
all about Damian from England and this most exciting conference coming to
southeastern Indiana.

A. Firstly, Damian Stayne will be Brian Patrick's guest on the Son Rise Morning
Show at 8:40am this Wedneday, July 14th. You can tune into 740AM Sacred Heart
Radio to listen to this 5-10 minute interview.


DAMIAN STAYNE ON RADIO MARIA streaming live on line at
www.radiomaria.us Call in toll free USA 1-866-333-6279

Francesca Franchina MS Ed. speaks with Damian Stayne, founder of Cor et Lumen
Christi Community, based in London, England about the power of God’s Word
operating through his ministry of preaching, physical healing, deliverance,
prophecy and evangelization which has taken him to all five continents,
leading training schools in various aspects of the Christian life and his
upcoming Conference “Word Power,” a two day conference empowering Christians to
step into their prophetic anointing by experiencing and ministering the
prophetic living Word of God in the Power of the Holy Spirit hosted by Fr.
Gregory Bramlage and Word of God Prayer Ministry at St. Leon, IN August 7, 8,
2010. A graduate of Surrey University in England , Damian led the 2009 Catholic
Charismatic Conference “Charisms in the Life & Mission of the Church, at
Franciscan University in Steubenville , OH
11:00-Noon USA Central Daylight Time
Noon- 1:00 PM USA Eastern DaylightTime

MONDAY JULY 19, 2010 7:30 PM

Hear Radio Maria streaming live on line www.radiomaria.us

Radio Maria USA is heard in Louisiana , Texas , New York ,
Pennsylvania , Illinois , Minnesota and Ohio .

Preach With Your Eyes

Once St. Francis was giving a mother and her virgin daughter the comfort of the word of God. All the while he spoke, he never looked at them, and so when they left, his companion said to him, "Father, that holy woman and her virgin came to you with such devotion; why didn't you look at them?" But the holy father answered, "Who would not be afraid to look upon the bride of Christ? A whole sermon was preached with my eyes and face when they looked at me, but not I at them."

Saint Francis of Assisi
Celano, Second Life


Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Healing of a Leper

...Then St. Francis immediately had water boiled with many sweet-scented herbs. Next, he undressed the man with leprosy and began to wash him with his holy hands, while another poured the water over him.

And by a divine miracle, wherever St. Francis touched him with his holy hands, the leprosy disappeared, and the flesh remained completely healed.

And as externally the water washed the body and the flesh began to heal and be wholly cleansed from leprosy, so too interiorly his soul began to be healed and cleansed.

...St. Francis seeing such a clear miracle which God had performed through his hands, gave thanks to God and left there for a distant region, so that when that miracle became known to the people they should not all run to him, because through humility he wanted to flee any world glory....

Saint Francis of Assisi
Little Flowers of St. Francis - 25


Saturday, July 10, 2010

Let The Fire Fall!

Saint Clare ate a meal with Saint Francis and his followers in Assisi:

And when it was time to eat, St. Francis and St. Clare sat down together, and one of his companions with St. Clare's companion, and all his other companions were grouped around that humble table. But at the first course St. Francis began to speak about God in such a sweet and holy and profound and divine and marvelous way that he himself and St. Clare and her companion and all the others who were at that poor little table were rapt in God by the overabundance of divine grace that descended upon them.

And while they were sitting there, in a rapture, with their eyes and hands raised to Heaven, it seemed to them men of Assisi and Bettona and the entire district that the Church of St. Mary of the Angels and the whole Place and the forest which was at the time around the Place were all aflame and that an immense fire was burning over all of them. Consequently, the men of Assisi ran down there in great haste to save the Place and put out the fire, as they firmly believed that everything was burning up.

But when they reached the Place, they saw that nothing was on fire. Entering the Place, they found St. Francis with St. Clare and all the companions sitting around that very humble table, rapt in God by contemplation and invested with power from on high,

Saint Francis of Assisi
Little Flowers of St. Francis


Friday, July 09, 2010

Detractors Carry Poison On Their Tongues

Hating detractors deeply and more than any other kind of wicked men, St. Francis said that they carried poison on their tongues and infected others with their poison. Gossipers, therefore, those biting fleas, he avoided when they were speaking, and he averted his ears, as we ourselves have seen, lest they be defiled by such things.

Saint Francis of Assisi
Celano, Second Life


Thursday, July 08, 2010

God Always Chooses The Most Vile And Insignificant

"You want to know why after me? You want to know why after me? You really want to know why everyone is running after me? I have this from the all-holy eyes of God that see the good and the evil everywhere. For those blessed and all-holy eyes have not seen among sinners anyone more vile of insufficient than I am. And so in order to do that wonderful work which He intends to do, He did not find on earth a viler creature, and therefore He chose me, for God has chosen the foolish things of the world to put to shame the wise, and God has chosen the base things of the world and the despised, to bring to naught the noble and great and strong, so that the creature, in order that no creature should glory before Him, but 'let him who takes pride, take pride in the Lord,' that honor and glory may be only God's forever."

Saint Francis of Assisi
Little Flowers of St. Francis - 10


Wednesday, July 07, 2010

The American Soul Has Been Infected

Father Todd Riebe of the Richmond Catholic Community
talking with some of our youth

by Father Todd Riebe

Last week I was struck by the results of an opinion poll being reported by Fox News, CNN and MSNBC. Sixty-two percent of Americans agreed with the statement: "I think America is headed in the wrong direction." This question has been asked on opinion polls for decades, but never before have so many Americans responded in the affirmative.

Commentators are already busy debating what it all means. Democrats blame it on the "Bush years" and Republicans blame it on Obama's 'misguided' policies and independents have the luxury of blaming it on both!

The poll gives us some insight into our 'American soul' and is an opportunity to do some serious 'soul searching'. Things aren't going well and not primarily, I would venture, because of the policies of Bush or Obama. Things aren't going well because all is not well with the state of the American soul. We are by nature an optimistic people. Europeans have long looked at us as being naive and having a 'Pollyana' type optimism. It's part of our charm, but it has also been a force that has kept us going in difficult times.

It would seem that that optimism is waning thin these days. The more we have moved away from the core values that have identified us as a people, we lose that sense of trust in the future toward which our optimism has always propelled us.

There have been great shifts in how Americans thin k and act in the last four decades. The social revolution of the 60's promised us that if we were freed from all the restraints that society and religion place on us, we would find utopia. We have to ask ourselves, "Is this utopia?"

Part of the shift that we have seen taking place in the American soul is the popular idea that a person can be 'spiritual' without being 'religious'. The truth is that spirituality and religion are two sided of the same coin. Religion without spirituality is empty ritual. Spirituality without religion separates the 'being' in whom our spirits are connected from any objective truth. Spirituality without religion can easily lead to creating God in our own image and likeness rather than opening ourselves to being recreated in the image and likeness of God. We become free to do whatever we feel like doing. Truth becomes what each person wants it to be.

The American soul has been 'infected' by this separation and so many of the traditional values that we prided ourselves on as a people and that brought us happiness (family, discipline, respect, temperance, civility) have gone by the wayside. The picture admittedly looks bleak. But for people of faith, there is a supernatural optimism that survives a mere natural optimism. For that reason I continue to believe that the invitation, "Catholics, Come Home" is going to sound better and better to more and more people in coming years. Often times teens run away from home and then discover that what they ran away from were the very things for which they most long. The Church will be here and, as we like to say, "The lights will be on for you!"

In God's love,

Fr. Todd


God Is Hidden Between

For silence is not God, nor speaking; fasting is not God, nor eating; solitude is not God, nor company; nor any other pair of opposites. He is hidden between them, and cannot be found by anything your soul does, but only by the love of your heart. He cannot be known by reason, he cannot be thought, caught, or sought by understanding. But he can be loved and chosen by the true, loving will of your heart.

The Cloud of Unknowing


Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Inspired By Silence

Our beloved Bishop R. Daniel Conlon of Steubenville

One day, Theophilus of holy memory, the Bishop of Alexandria, came to Scetis. And the brothers who gathered said to Abba Pambo: "Say a word to the Bishop so that his soul may be benefited here." The old man replied: "If he is not inspired by my silence, he will not be inspired by my words either."

Sayings of the Desert Fathers


Forming Attachments

Abba Zosimas would take whatever he could find - whether a nail or some thread, or anything else of insignificant value - and say: "Who would ever fight or argue over this; or else, who would keep a grudge or be afflicted over this? Unless it be someone who has truly lost his mind. Therefore, a person of God, who is progressing and advancing, should consider the whole world as this nail, even if that person actually possesses the entire world. For, as I always like to say, 'It is not possessing something that is harmful, but being attached to it.' "

Abba Zosimas
Desert Father


Avoid Verbal Disputes

And all the brothers are to guard against speaking falsely of anyone and are to avoid verbal disputes. Rather, let them seek to keep quiet whenever God gives them the grace to do so. And they are not to argue among themselves, nor with others, but they are to strive to respond with humility, saying, "We are useless servants" (Luke 17:10).

Saint Francis of Assisi
Rule of 1221
Chapter 11


Monday, July 05, 2010

The Bread Of Alms Is A Sacred Bread

The bread of alms is, in fact, a sacred bread, sanctified by the praise and love of God, since the brother who goes begging must begin by saying: "Praised and blessed be the Lord God!" Then he must say: "Give us alms for the love of the Lord God!"

Saint Francis of Assisi
Legend of Perugia - 61


Sunday, July 04, 2010

The Bridegroom's Touch

St. Francis always sought a hidden place where he could adapt not only his soul but also his members to God. When he suddenly felt himself visited by the Lord in public, lest he be without a cell he made a cell of his mantle. At times, when he did not have a mantle, he would cover his face with his sleeve so that he would not disclose the hidden manna. Always, he put something between himself and the bystander, lest they should become aware of the bridegroom's touch.

Saint Francis of Assisi
Celano, Second Life


Guard Against Exterior Signs Of Holiness

We must all be on our guard against pride and empty boasting and beware of worldly or natural wisdom. A worldly spirit loves to talk a lot but do nothing, striving for the exterior signs of holiness that people can see, with no desire for true piety and interior holiness of spirit.

Saint Francis of Assisi
The Rule of 1221
Chapter 17


Saturday, July 03, 2010

Support The Portiuncula Every Time You Search The Internet Or Shop On Line

Please help us duplicate this Portiuncula Chapel
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Pax Et Bonum!


The Beginning Of Holiness

Friday, July 02, 2010

Wear His Crown of Thorns As A Crown Of Glory

Actual photo of Veronica's veil from the Vatican, now nearly 2000 years old

shared by
Fra Chris
Scullion of the Portiuncula Hermitage

I was in an area of complete and utter darkness. Then a mist appeared, through which two hands appeared that were handing me a crown of thorns.

I took the crown of thorns from the outstretched hands and placed it upon my head. As the crown was being seated upon my head, I prematurely winced, fully expecting searing pain from those thorns to shoot through my head and throughout my entire body.

But instead of pain, a warm and wonderful feeling of joy and peace settled over me. I was being bathed in God’s love.

Simultaneously with the crown of thorns being placed upon my head, a vision appeared before me of a glass mirror “unfurling” like a window shade, even though it was glass.

Jesus then appeared in the glass before me.

I was immediately filled with shame because Jesus had caught me wearing his crown, and I immediately pulled it from my head.

As I did, Jesus disappeared.

I then placed the crown back onto my head.

As I did, the glass unfurled before me, and again Jesus was standing before me.

At that moment, the realization hit me that I was looking into a mirror and seeing my own reflection, and that reflection was my Savior and my Lord! And me! One and the same!

This vision greatly troubled me. After all, who did I think I was, anyway? Was I so vain as to think myself equal to Jesus? God forbid! The vision continued to frighten me long afterwards, fearing that my attitude was obviously not right with God…that is, until I heard these words:

“Do not be afraid to put on my crown of thorns.
It is My crown of glory!
Wear it as I did.
I will bear the pain so that you have none.
Then, and only then, will you see Me in glory.
Then we shall meet face to face.
You in me, and I in you.
People will see me in your image.
Give yourselves to Me fully,
And I will come to you in glory…”


When Visited By God In Prayer

If he was praying with the friars, Francis completely avoided all deep breathing and sighing, or any outward display, either because he loved to keep things to himself or because he had descended into the depths of his heart and was lost in God. he often said to his companions, "If a religious is visited by God in his prayer, he should say, 'Lord, you have sent this comfort from heaven even though I am a sinner and unworthy, and I entrust it to your keeping because I know that I only steal your treasures.' When he leaves his prayer, such a person should seem as much a sinner and worthy of contempt as if he had received no new favor."

Saint Francis of Assisi

Bonaventure, Major Life



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Simple and Unlearned

Original tunic worn by St. Francis of Assisi

Many simple words fell from St. Francis's lips and he spoke from the fervor of his heart for he had been chosen by God to be simple and unlearned, using none of the erudite words of human wisdom; and in all things he bore himself with simplicity. Many people mocked him as a madman, but others were moved to tears when they saw how quickly he had passed from worldly pampering and vanity to loving God. He paid no heed to ridicule and gave thanks to God in great fervor of spirit.

Saint Francis of Assisi
Legend of the Three Companions


Thursday, July 01, 2010

How To Act During A Rapture

Eremodi Carceri

The holy and very devout lay brother James of Massa, who had been with St. Clare and many of the companions of St. Francis, had a gift regarding how he should act when he had such a grace.

Brother Giles answered: "Don't add. Don't take away. And avoid crowds as much as you can."

"What do you mean?" said Brother James. "Explain it to me Reverend Father."

He replied: "When the mind is ready to be introduced into that most glorious light of God's goodness, it should not add anything by presumption or take away anything by negligence, and it should love solitude as much as possible if it wishes that the grace be preserved and increase."

Saint Francis of Assisi
Little Flowers of St. Francis