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Thursday, October 19, 2023

Saint Charbel Miracle


An Italian woman from Australia heard of Saint Charbel Makhlouf in Lebanon and decided she wanted to go with her Lebanese friend and son to visit his shrine, as she was suffering from cancer. She arrived in Lebanon and went to the church only to discover that everything was closed. As she and her son walked back to the car a priest was walking by. The woman asked if the church was open and he answered “How can I help you?” She explained that she had come from Australia, was suffering from terminal cancer and just wanted to receive a blessing from the priest. The priest said to her that he would give her a blessing now. She asked her son to take a picture when the priest blessed her. She thanked the priest, got back in the car and left. As they were driving back to the hotel, she, with her Lebanese friend, went through the photos on her phone, and suddenly realised that the priest in the picture was actually St Charbel himself! She got back to Australia, went to the hospital and tests confirmed that she no longer had cancer. The miracle has been documented.


Thursday, October 05, 2023

The Synod Of Synodality: The Vatican Embraces Liberation Theology


By Chris Dickson, F.L.A.

I am appalled by the naivete of our Church being duped into anti-Christian communism. Liberation theology is a threat to free society by its undermining of the Church and its Magisterium through attempting to redefine moral issues (changing the Gospel to support theology opposed to shaping theology as a result of the Gospel.)

Ignorance is not bliss and unless we familiarize ourselves with the dangers, then future generations will demand answers as to why we threw away our freedom in lieu of communism.

To quote Gustavo Gutierrez (the "father" of liberation theology,) "There is no evil in being subversive, struggling against the capitalist system...Liberation leads to reinterpreting the Gospel...As I have witnessed the power of Marxism to provide motivation for a life of service where none existed before, I have come to a new appreciation of this part of my own history. I cannot settle for any story of America that fails to give a central place to this vision."

Again, Roger Garaudy (one of France's foremost Marxist intellectuals) wrote, "Socialism is a traditional stage in the passage from capitalism to communism." Also, "When the established order involves such injustice that millions of men are exploited, oppressed, mutilated, and humiliated by this order, a revolution, even armed revolution, can be less costly and in the long run less 'violent' than this established disorder, which has become pure violence. Of this, incidentally, many Christians are today becoming conscious, including, for example, even priests and bishops in Latin America."

Charles E. Curran, no longer permitted by the Church to teach moral theology at Catholic universities, has stated,"Questions arise in the light of both the importance and the limitations of Scriptures. In the light of the most striking development has been the emergence of dissent within the Roman Catholic theological community from the teachings of the hierarchical magisterium on specific moral issues."

One cannot help but feel an air of approval when local archdiocesan newspapers print articles written by these people. Already we have seen a swing by our priests and educators away from the Church's doctrine of "norma normans non normata"(the Scriptures being the norm above all other norms by which all norms are taken) and are thus shown to question the Scripture's relevance in our daily lives.

Perhaps we need to seek the definition of a couple terms which seem to have taken on good and bad connotations in complete reversal of their intended meanings:

First of all, the term orthodoxy means "right praise," or consistency with the faith of the Church as embodied in Sacred Scripture, the Fathers, official teachings and the liturgy.

Liberation theology, on the other hand, is defined as a new type of theology which emphasizes the motif of liberation in both Old and New Testaments and which reinterprets all doctrines in terms of that motif. Forms of liberation theology include Latin American, black and feminist.

Jesus "liberated" all of us from the bonds of oppression. Rather than reinterpreting the Gospel, perhaps we would be better served to "live it." This idea may not be popular with some in the Church today, but by returning to the basics of our faith, we will be truly liberated through the instruction of Sacred Scriptures if only we would accept Jesus as the catalyst of our lives.


Suffer To Be Ruled


"The horse is a noble and useful creature; for in his swiftest course he suffers himself to be ruled, and turned hither and thither, backwards and forwards, according to the will of the rider; so likewise should it be with the servant of God, who should suffer himself to be ruled, guided, turned and bent, according to the will of his superior; nay, of all others, for the love of Christ.

Little Flowers of St. Francis
Chapter V
Of Holy Patience


Mocking The Poor

Once blessed Francis had gone to the hermitage of the brothers near Roccabrizia to preach to the people of that region. Now, on the day of the sermon, a poor, miserable and sick man came in search of him. Blessed Francis was moved by his distress and spoke to his companion of his poverty and sickness. His companion answered him: "Brother, it is true, he is very poor, but perhaps there in no other man richer in desire in all providence than he." The saint chided him for having spoken so uncharitably, and the brother admitted his sin. Blessed Francis then said to him: "Are you willing to perform a penance I shall give you?" "Gladly," he said. "Well, take off your tunic and go throw yourself half clothed at the feet of the poor man; tell him how you have sinned against him, and ask him to pray that God may forgive you." The brother went and did what blessed Francis had prescribed...

Saint Francis of Assisi
Legend of Perugia - 89


Tuesday, October 03, 2023

October 3rd: The Transitus of St. Francis of Assisi


Then he (St. Francis) asked the Brothers to read the passage of St. John's Gospel which begins: "Before the paschal feast began" (John 13:1); only a partition of flesh now separated him from his Beloved and he would listen to the beat of his voice in the Gospel phrases. All God's mysteries had been finally accomplished in him and he died quietly, praying and singing the psalm. His holy soul was freed from his body and absorbed in the abyss of eternal glory.

Saint Francis of Assisi
Bonaventure, Minor Life
Chapter VII


Monday, October 02, 2023

"Rebuild My Church"


When Saint Francis heard those words from the mouth of the Lord, speaking through the San Damiano crucifix in a small, dilapidated church, he took them to mean simply rebuilding that little church outside Assisi. It was in the Portiuncula that he founded the Friars Minor; there that he clothed Clare in the religious habit and began the Order of Poor Clares; and there that Francis yearly gathered the friars in chapter to discuss the rule and renew their dedication to the Gospel life. And it was at the Portiuncula where St. Francis died in 1226.

That first tiny Portiuncula, a holy place and the center of St. Francis’ activity, will be recreated here on The Immaculate Conception Cemetery in Jerusalem, Ohio as a grace-filled haven for quiet meditation and Eucharistic Adoration. Nestled in a grove of trees visitors will be invited to “come and spend an hour with the Lord” in prayer.

This small chapel will be completed in the Fall of 2024, like St. Francis’ 13th-century original, it will become a place of adoration, conversion, and prayer. The simple beauty of the small stone structure will reverberate with the power of the Lord’s presence. The stillness, imbued with the peace of the Lord’s tender concern, will draw visitors in and focuses attention on the Eucharistic Lord.