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Friday, November 10, 2006

Be Found Always Obedient To His Will

Once when Francis was very ill, he was so weak that he could not even move. But when one of the brothers asked what he would prefer to bear, this lingering, protracted illness or the suffering of an excruciating martyrdom at the hands of an executioner, he replied, "My son, what has always been and still is most dear to me and sweeter and more acceptable is whatever the Lord my God is most pleased to let happen in me and to me, for my own desire is to be found always conformed and obedient to his will in everything.

Celano - First Life


  1. I can't say that fellow had much of a bedside manner, did he, brother lesser? Poor St. Francis...

  2. lol Gabrielle...yes, it's like being given a choice of being run over by a car or being thrown off the top of a building...Maybe the guy was thinking about torturing him or something, who knows?