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Monday, December 05, 2022

Rorate Caeli Mass


On Saturday, December 10th there will be a special Latin Traditional Mass offered at 7:00 a.m. at St. Sylvester’s. It is called the “rorate caeli” Mass celebrating Mary as the dawn of our salvation. The Mass is celebrated with candle light and begins when it is still dark outside. Then, as the Mass progresses and the morning sky begins to light up we are reminded that Mary brought into the world Christ Who is the Light of the world. The Mass will be sung in Latin but of course the readings will be read in English at the time of the homily. A missal is very helpful since it has all of the prayers and readings translated into English side by side with the Latin. I have a couple of new missals if anyone is interested in purchasing one. Following the Mass there will be a pot luck breakfast in the basement of St. Sylvester’s.

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  1. When I attended my first Mass with Fr. Tim I came out of the church crying like a baby. Finally! I had attended the Mass of my youth and in the Latin vernacular that I was taught as an Altar Boy in the 1950's and was stripped away from me by the Second Protestant Council!