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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Caperone: An Outward Sign of an Inward Consecration to God

Photo of the Piccoli VV of Italy wearing the Franciscan Caperone
Our clothing is an outward sign of an inward consecration to God, and identifies us as members of a particular religious order in the Church. The F.L.A. Badge and modest dress (caperone, cincture, sandals and tan clothing) are like our wedding ring and garment, since we are signs of the Church as “Bride” of Christ. The caperone is a sign that one is ‘set apart’ by God as a holy offering to God for the salvation of all humankind. Like a public uniform that identifies one as a policeman or nurse, so the caperone publically identifies us as servants of the Gospel, welcoming others to approach us for aid, prayer and service of their spiritual and temporal needs. Our dress reminds us and others that we are servants to all, for we are all one family under God, the Father and Creator of all. We seek always to give glory to God by our manner of acting, believing and by our dress, so as to be signs of God’s living presence in the world. ~ Fra Chris

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