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Friday, December 31, 2010

This Poor, Humble, and Unlettered Man

One day when Francis was preaching to the people of Terni in the town square in front of the bishop's palace, the bishop of the city, a discerning and spiritual man, listened to the sermon. When it was over, he rose and among other words of exhortation said, "From the time He planted and built His Church, the Lord has always endowed her with holy persons to make her grow by word and example. And in these latter days, He has shed luster on her through this poor, humble, and unlettered man."

Then blessed Francis bowed before the bishop, threw himself at his feet and said to him, "In truth, lord bishop, I say to you,'No man in this world has ever paid me the honor you have today. Other men say,'He is a saint!' Thereby they attributed glory and holiness to a creature and not the Creator. You, on the contrary, as a discerning man, have made the distinction between what is base and what is precious.' "

Saint Francis of Assisi
Legend of Perugia - 103



  1. That was beautiful and so timely for my own life. Thanks for sharing this with us!

  2. Yes, KTC, God seems to be timely in all of our lives...at the same time.... :-)