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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Prayer Novena For Barack Obama's Conversion

My wife attended a Pro-Life dinner this evening. One of the speakers requested that every Christian pray every day for the conversion of Barack Obama so that he becomes Pro-Life. Can you imagine the repurcussions of such a magnificent change of heart?

We are asking that all children pray a simple "Hail Mary" every single day for the President's conversion and that all adults pray the following daily prayer Novena:

Our Lady Of The Holy Rosary Prayer

My dearest mother Mary, behold me, your child, in prayer at your feet. Accept this Holy Rosary, which I offer you in accordance with your request at Fatima, as a proof of my tender love for you, for the intentions of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, in atonement for the offenses committed against your Immaculate Heart, and for the conversion of Barack Obama to become a staunch Pro-Life advocate.

I beg you to present my petition to your Divine Son. If you will pray for me, I cannot be refused. I know, dearest Mother, that you want me to seek God's holy Will concerning my request. If what I ask for should not be granted, pray that I may receive that which will be of greater benefit to my soul.

I offer you this spiritual "Bouquet of Roses" because I love you. I put all my confidence in you, since your prayers before God are most powerful. For the greater glory of God and for the sake of Jesus, your loving Son, hear and grant my prayer. Sweet heart of Mary, be my salvation.


  1. Thank you! I reprinted this at my blog, I hope that is OK. We should cast as wide a net as possible!!

  2. Anonymous10:30 PM

    Thank you and God bless you, Barb!

    This was suggested at the annual Birthright Dinner this evening and everyone thought it was wonderful. It was suggested that we get this out all over America so by your re-posting it, I thank you from the bottom of my heart...and the babies thank you too, Barb!

  3. Thanks to Barb, I found out about this novena. I will be posting too.
    God bless,

  4. Thank you for your kindness, Esther.

    The peace of Christ be with you!