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Monday, May 05, 2008

Abandoned By All

"The truth of their words remained for a long time among many, at least as long as the blood of the poor Crucified One was warm in their memory and the overflowing chalice of his passion filled their hearts unto inebriation. For, if any were at any time tempted to abandon me because I was too difficult for them, remembering the wounds of the Lord by which were revealed the bowels of his mercy, they would punish themselves severely because of this temptation and cling to me all the more forcibly and embrace me with all the more fervor...

"...And now certainly in peace is my bitterness most bitter when all flee from me, all drive me away; I am needed by none, I am abandoned by all."

St. Francis of Assisi
Sacrum Commercium Sancti Francisci cum Domina Paupertate
Lady Poverty Replies to Francis and His Brothers

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