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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Reverence For Stones

I am sitting here at my desk holding two stones in my hands. They were given to me by my Mother-in-law, Mary Ann Lloyd, who picked them up off the ground in Assisi and Medjugorje. The fragrant words of Brother Celano play over and over again in my mind and soul:

"He (St. Francis) walked reverently over rocks, out of consideration of him who is called Peter, the Rock. And when he came to this psalm verse, 'Upon a rock you have exalted me' (Psalm 61:2-3), he would say, to be even more reverent, 'At the feet of the Rock you have exalted me.'" (Celano, Second Life, 165)

I wonder. Did Brother Francis walk reverently over this very stone 800 years ago? And what about the rock from Medjugorje? If I were to remain silent concerning the will of God, would these stones begin to cry out (Luke 19:40)?

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